PureVPN User Ratings: What do users think about it?


author: Jeremy Roderick

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UPDATED: July 27, 2023

PureVPN is one of the many VPN providers vying for your attention in the crowded marketplace. A massive network of servers across the globe and a commitment to providing a fast, secure, and reliable service.

But, as we all know, promises can be broken, and not everything is as it seems on the surface. That’s why I’ve turned to the opinions of real users to find out if PureVPN lives up to the hype and consider also real user feedback in my review which you can check out here.

PureVPN Ratings on Trustpilot

PureVPN boasts an impressive 4.7 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot, based on over 15,000 reviews as of April 2023. While the majority of these reviews lean towards the positive side, a closer examination reveals a more nuanced picture, with a mix of both favorable and unfavorable feedback.

What do users like and don’t like on PureVPN according to Trustpilot

PureVPN user ratings (sentiment)

Customer service


Users have reported poor support response times, a lack of knowledge from the support team, spamming with feedback requests, and an inability to resolve issues. This suggests that PureVPN needs to invest more in its customer support team and processes to ensure users get timely and helpful responses to their queries.


On the other hand, some users praised the timely and professional customer support, quick resolution of technical and billing issues, and knowledgeable staff. These compliments indicate that PureVPN is successfully providing valuable assistance to users when needed.

While some users had good experiences with PureVPN’s customer support, others were left wanting more. One user lamented, “I tried contacting customer support about a billing issue, but it took them ages to get back to me.” Another user reported a similar experience, stating, “I was left hanging for days when I had a technical issue.” It appears that PureVPN’s customer support might not be as responsive as we’d like it to be.

Our take on it: I've reached out to their support via their 24/7 live chat to resolve a minor issue and everything was smooth. Then I went through PureVPN's refund & cancellation process and again had no issues so I lean more on the positive side of the user sentiment.



Users have experienced frequent downtime, software bugs, VPN servers identified as spam, being blocked by websites, and the discontinuation of lifetime subscriptions. These issues indicate that PureVPN needs to improve the quality and reliability of its VPN service to meet user expectations.


However, some users reported consistent performance, no problems experienced, and overall satisfaction with the VPN service. These positive reviews suggest that PureVPN is delivering a reliable service that meets or exceeds user expectations.

Despite many users praising PureVPN’s reliability, there were others who encountered some bumps in the road. One user complained, “My connection keeps dropping, and I have to reconnect every few minutes.” Another user shared this sentiment, saying, “Some servers are fast, but others are slower than a snail.” It seems that PureVPN’s performance may vary depending on your location and the server you’re connected to.

Our take on it: I've used PurePVN for over a week without any major issues but I did encounter some minor issues when logging in into their member area which showed by blank page in multiple browsers. This has always resolved itself by refreshing the webpage few times so it might have been related to my device only. 

Easy of use


Users have reported software instability, difficulty accessing websites, poor VPN functionality, and the inability to use the service on Mac OS and mobile devices. These complaints suggest that PureVPN needs to improve the user experience and the usability of its VPN service, particularly on different platforms.


Conversely, users found the VPN software easy to use, and simple to connect, and appreciated its user-friendly interface. These comments indicate that PureVPN has designed a VPN service that provides a smooth and intuitive user experience, especially for those who may not be technically inclined.

Another point of praise from users was PureVPN’s ease of use. Several users applauded the intuitive interface, with one saying, “I didn’t need a degree in computer science to figure it out!” For those of us who’d rather spend our time binge-watching our favorite shows instead of wrestling with complicated software, this is music to our ears.

Our take on it: I can confirm that using PureVPN on most of the devices was pleasure. It has nice, clean user interface with everything where you would expect it to be. 

Security and privacy


Users have reported the VPN being identified as a virus, a lack of GDPR compliance, and servers located in the British Virgin Islands. These issues indicate that PureVPN needs to address users’ concerns about the security and privacy of their online activities, particularly in terms of complying with relevant regulations and securing its servers.


On the positive side, users appreciated the safety, security, and protection of their online activities provided by PureVPN. These reviews highlight the company’s commitment to ensuring user privacy and safeguarding their data while using the service.

Our take on it: I think, PureVPN put a lot of effort to improve in terms of the privacy and security and it is now holding into industry standards. It did had some problems in the past when it comes to its no-log policy so this might be only yelow flag here. If you are interested, read more on PureVPN's ownership. 

Speed and Performance


Users have reported slow speeds and performance, with servers being too slow to be useful. These complaints suggest that PureVPN needs to improve the speed and performance of its VPN service to meet user expectations and provide a better user experience.


In contrast, users were impressed with the fast and stable VPN servers, excellent download speeds, and overall performance. These positive remarks suggest that PureVPN is effectively delivering a VPN service with high speed and performance.

It seems that PureVPN users have plenty of praise for the service’s speed and performance. One user gushed, “I’ve never experienced such blazing fast speeds with any other VPN!” Another user shared similar sentiments, noting that their connection was “smooth as butter.” These glowing reviews certainly make PureVPN sound like a dream come true for streamers and torrenters alike.

Our take on it: I've personally tested more than 30 servers in different countries and in most cases, the PureVPN speed was great. Few servers limited the internet speed significantly - up to more than 80% in comparison to the benchmark - but the speed was still good even for streaming or torrenting. For me, the speed issues aren't there and it all comes down to choosing the right servers.

Value for money


Users have reported false advertising and a poor refund policy. These issues suggest that PureVPN needs to be transparent and honest about its services and policies, particularly in terms of pricing and refunds, to gain the trust and confidence of users.


Nevertheless, users found PureVPN reasonably priced, offering good value for money, and were pleased with the long-term user experience. These positive reviews indicate that the company is providing a competitively priced service.

Our take on it: Given PureVPN's competitive pricing, you're getting a lot of VPN features for your money, making the overall value appealing. While it has some flaws, they're generally manageable in the long run.

In conclusion, PureVPN has mostly positive user sentiment. The company has successfully provided a user-friendly and secure VPN service, with good speed and performance, at a reasonable price. However, some users have faced issues with customer service, reliability, and platform compatibility, suggesting that there’s room for improvement in these areas.

To maintain and enhance its reputation in the market, PureVPN should address these concerns by investing in its customer support team, improving the reliability of its service, and enhancing compatibility across different platforms. By addressing these issues and maintaining the positive aspects of the service, PureVPN can continue to provide a secure and enjoyable online experience for its users.

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