Panda Free Antivirus review

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Panda Antivirus is a computer security software. It was created by Panda Security, a Spanish tech company involved in the production of IT products for home users and businesses. This tech company has its headquarters in Bilbao, and Madrid in Spain. This company was founded in the year 1990.

The first Panda security antivirus was launched in 1998 with a daily signature file. Panda Security patent technology is recognised as TruPrevent; this feature is responsible for security against viruses. Panda antivirus first system which was able to identify, and analyse malware in real-time is identified as the Collective Intelligence model. Its latest model is recognised as the new Adaptive Defense security model. Panda Security is compatible with Windows and Mac devices.

With a consumer base of over thirty million in over one hundred and eighty countries, Panda Security provides accurate protection results as the AV-Test for November – December 2018 reveals. This software has been proven to accurately detect viruses, Trojans, spyware and most recognised malware attacks. It also provides web-protection and other features such as Identity protection, parental control etc.

Panda antivirus is free to use, and it can be downloaded here. It also has four other higher versions namely essential, advanced, complete and premium. Although the free version doesn’t have all the features of the security software activated, it, however, offers basic security required for Windows devices.

Protection Capabilities

Panda Security provides 100% virus detection capabilities with minimal device impact. It offers real-time protection against all forms of malware, i.e., Trojans and spyware. This software can be used to perform scheduled and on-demand scan operations. It automatically scans any removable device upon insertion to prevent an attack. It prevents the computer Wi-Fi network from attack. Its File Encryptor feature is used to encrypt files on the computer and these files cannot be accessed without permissions. With this software, the user enjoys 100% safe browsing.

Testing labs have tested this software and found to have excellent protection capabilities. German Lab, AV-Test results for November – December 2018 shows that Panda Security provided 100% protection against 0-day malware attacks (with the inclusion of web and email threats) in November and December respectively thus having a 6.0/6.0 protection rating. The AV-Test reference set which involves the detection of widespread malware in the last four weeks reveals that Panda Security returned a 99.8% and 99.7% result for both months.

Another Testing Lab, AV-Comparatives released protection results for Panda Security for July – December 2018. In the protection test which covers a total of nine hundred and ninety-eight test cases, Panda Security obtained a 99.2% protection rate having blocked nine hundred and ninety malware. This software is rated by AV-Comparatives to provide real-world advanced protection for its users.

Panda Security is a software that has received recognition from different security experts. In 2016, Computing Magazines Security Excellence Awards recognised it as the best Advanced Persistent Threat solution. In May 2018 also, Spanish National Cryptologic Center verified this software as a “Qualified IT Security Product”.

Features of Panda Security Antivirus

The Panda security 2019 antivirus was designed to provide maximum protection for Windows devices. Thus, it is inbuilt with a lot of amazing features. We have reviewed this software with its features outlined below.

Advanced Ransomware protection

Panda Security 2019 protection capabilities have been improved upon as compared to its 2018 version. This software recognises malware signature and prevents it from attacking the computer. The AV-Comparatives late mid-year results show that Panda Security received a 97.7/100% performance rating when tested. This antivirus adequately protects computers against viruses, spyware, Ransomware and any malicious attack.

Parental Control

This is a new feature on the Panda Security software. This feature helps parents to monitor the web activities of their children. With this software, you can set restricted sites for kids and prevent them from accessing them. You can automatically set a time-limit for their web related activities. Prohibited files and folders can also be protected using this feature. This additional feature is available for advanced, complete and premium versions of the software.


This feature is newly added to the software. It comes in two categories. There is a free VPN which is accessible on all versions of the software. With the free VPN, you can browse anonymously on the internet. This VPN has a limited memory of 150MB for private browsing. The Premium VPN offers unlimited memory for anonymous web browsing. Be rest-assured your location wouldn’t be leaked to the public with this new feature.

Smart Scan

This software provides scan options for the user. With the quick scan option, you can frequently scan accessed files, folders and critical areas of the computer memory. This scan option completes in minutes. The full option scans the total computer memory for viruses, Trojans, Ransomware and other malware suspicious files. This runtime for this option is longer. On inserting an external USB device in the computer, the software automatically scans the drive for threats. Every threat detected is quarantined, infected files are repaired, and the malware is wiped.

Identity Protection

This feature protects the user from any phishing attack while browsing the internet. If you want to shop on the web using the various shopping stores, this feature provides online security.

Password Manager

This feature saves all vital information of the user such as passwords, online web login details, credit card information etc. This feature makes the filling of forms easy.

Data Shield

This feature protects the files you have on the computer. It is an extra-security feature which sets selected files and folders to private. If you have data/folders you want to prevent public access, encrypt it using this feature.


This is a new feature on Panda 2019 antivirus. It is a tool which helps increase system performance and reduce app usage.

Online Support

The support feature is available only to Premium users of the software. It provides inbuilt access to the antivirus support centre.


This software is compatible with Windows and Mac devices. For Windows device, latest operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10 are supported.

Pros and Cons of Panda Security 2019 Antivirus

This software has a varying number of excellent features and limitations which are:


  • New Additional features: The Panda Dome 2019 has a few additional features. These features make it more sophisticated and up-to-date with various security software. These features include Virtual Port Network (VPN), Cleanup etc.
  • VPN: As a new feature, this feature is available for all the versions of the software, i.e., free or paid. The free VPN provides a 150MB memory space for virtual browsing.
  • Easy Installation:This software is easy to install. You can download the various versions of this software via this link. After downloading, double-click the raw file and follow the setup instructions and in a few minutes, the app would be installed on the PC.
  • User-friendly interface: This software has a good UI design with a cool theme. This interface makes all the security tools easily accessible.
  • Real-time protection: Going by the results of top lab testing engines and, Panda 2019 antivirus provides adequate security for Windows-based computer devices.


  • Incomplete Threat Deletion: Panda security accurately detects malware on the computer. However, it doesn’t delete the threats entirely but keeps it in the trash section on the computer which opens the laptop to risks.

Premium Panda Security 2019 Antivirus

The Windows-supported software of Panda antivirus is identified as Dome Antivirus.  There are five versions of this software. Asides the free version, there are four paid versions identified as:

  • Dome Essential 2019: This version contains the least features of the higher versions. It has a personal firewall, Wi-Fi protection and secure web-browsing etc.
  • Dome Advanced 2019: This version contains the features of Dome Essential 2019 with additional features like parental features, app lock, and Advanced Ransomware protection.
  • Dome Complete 2019: In addition to the features of Dome Advanced 2019, extra features include Data protection, and password manager etc.’
  • Dome Premium 2019: In this version, all the features of the software is unlocked and accessible.

Product Portfolio

Panda Security provides security products for home users and businesses. These products include the Dome software mentioned above. It also offers free and paid VPN and cleanup tools. Its products for businesses includes Endpoint protection, Systems Management, and Panda Fusion 360.


The Panda antivirus is excellent software for protecting your devices. It passes industry requirements for security products as AV-Test, and AV-Comparatives results have revealed. It has a good UI design which makes the tools easily accessible to the user. Although this software doesn’t measure to other high-security products such as Kaspersky and Norton, it, however, serve as a good alternative. You can download its free version for necessary protection and any of its premium versions for additional security features.

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