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360 Total Security is a software developed by Qihoo 360. Qihoo 360 is a Chinese based internet security company. It is also responsible for the creation of 360 Safeguard, a protection-based system tool. Founded in 2005, Qihoo was founded by Zhou Hongyi and Qi Xiangdong who serves as CEO and Director respectively.

See the full product portfolio here.

360 Total security software is focused on preventing Trojan horses, viruses and every form of malicious attack from the PC. This software has an inbuilt feature to provide security patches for Windows-based PCs. The first release of 360 Total Security antivirus was on 25th February 2014 with a Freemium license while its latest version was released on 12th February 2019. This software is available in over ten popular languages.

360 Total Security is a free software providing security solution to Windows users. This software features the best optimization tools against Trojan horses, viruses, phishing attacks or any other form of online threat. The 360 Total Security Essential provides multiple layer protection for its users, and it is also available free of charge. 360 Total Security Premium is a paid software with advanced features.

Protection Capabilities

Total Security provides a unified security solution for PCs and fast performance. It is a free system optimization utility and can be downloaded via this link. This software is an Anti-Ransomware Arsenal which offers deep protection for important document and files. Its cloud technology detects every latest ransomware in real-time. 360 Total Security monitors every operation on the computer to prevent document hijacking and provides an offline and backup system for every document on the computer.

The 360 Total Security software offers four user selectable modes for its users namely Performance, Balanced, Security and Custom. Each mode provides a unique level of protection for malware attacks. There are different tools used to perform security measures. These tools include Wi-Fi Security Check, Sandbox and Patch Up. The Wi-Fi Security Check tool analyzes the routers settings on the internet browser to ensure a safe and secure web browsing experience. Sandbox helps the user to run risky programs and still keep the computer secured.  While running these set of applications, every threat it poses is isolated in the Sandbox. The Patch Up feature offers latest patches for every Windows operating system to ensure adequate performance.

The AV-Test October 2017 Home User report reveals that 360 Total Security detected only 75.3% of known malware samples. However, the recommended industry average for security software is 98.5% of which the best products detect 100% monthly. A further test shows that 0-day malware detection produced better results with 96.8% of threats blocked in the first month and 91.7% in the next whereas the industry average is pegged at 99%.

SE Labs in its yearly report discusses the top 10 antivirus software. However, it is observed that 360 Total Security software wasn’t mentioned in its 2018 report. However, in its October – December 2017 report, 360 Total Security came last in most of the tests with a protection rating of 27%, Total Accuracy (70%), etc. Therefore, although the 360 Total Security software is being improved on daily by its developers, it doesn’t deliver the needed accuracy as the tests revealed.

Features of 360 Total Security

Multiple Shields

This software provides multiple-layer protection for its users. This feature helps to deal with all classes of a malware attack on the PC and ensure maximum protection. It also helps to prevent data theft and provides a secure digital experience.

Data Shredder

Usually, files deleted on the PC aren’t permanently deleted and are thus recoverable from the local disk. However, with this feature, every deleted file, folder or program deleted on the computer is permanently removed.

Disk Analyzer

This tool makes it easy to know the content of your local disk. It scans the PC and displays details such as file types and size of files occupying its ROM. This feature makes it easier to remove files that are unneeded in a visualized manner. To analyze any folder of the whole local disk, open the Disk Analyzer from the Tool Box pane and select the folder and scan starts. When the scan is complete, the files would be arranged in descending order of size.

Patch Up

This is a tool that performs routine checks for security updates and patches to fix security holes of various software on the PC. With this feature, you can automatically look for updates to existing software on your system and keep your operating system up-to-date.


This is a virtual section of the 360 Total Security software where suspicious files and programs are quarantined. So, if you want to install a suspicious software or view an unrecognized file, you can safely do so in the Sandbox without affecting the health status of the computer.

360 Game Booster

This is a newly added feature to 360 Total Security. It helps to improve PC performance, and also enhance the gaming experience. With a single click on this tool, you can boost your PC’s speed.


With this feature, you can effectively monitor the bandwidth usage of programs, block suspicious programs from accessing the internet and ensuring safer and faster network communication on your PC. To access this feature, click the Tool Box icon on your 360 Total Security app, click Firewall and make the necessary at will. This feature is available on the 360 Total Security software. However, it is only accessible upon registration to the premium plan.

Driver Updater

This feature provides easy installation of drivers for different programs. It makes it easy to keep drivers updated and functional. With this feature, you can easily repair broken drivers. It also provides a backup version for your drivers to switch installation in case of compatibility with PC. To use this feature, Open Driver Updater from the Tool Box section on the 360 Total Security app.

Privacy Cleaner

This tool can be used to erase all computer activity. It also ensures that all private information on the PC remains private. Now, you can delete your browsing history, files, cookies, and cache, quick access history and ensure that every confidential information existing on your PC is erased. This feature is available to Premium users only.

Compatible Systems

This software is compatible with most Windows operating systems, i.e., Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, etc.

Pros and Cons of 360 Total Security

The 360 Total Security software has a lot of advantages as well as limitations. We have studied this software and outlined the pros and cons below.


  • It is Free: This software is free for use. The 360 Total Security and 360 Total Security Essential is free and can be downloaded via this link. The 360 Total Security Premium is the only software that must be paid for before download/use.
  • Extra Features: When compared to other antivirus software by other companies, 360 Total Security has more features. Features such as Data Shredder, Sandbox, and Patch Up, etc. scarcely exist in most security software. This is one way 360 Total Security has the edge over others.
  • Integration of other security engines: This software has integrated engines from Avira, Bitdefender, 360 Cloud Scan Engine, and 360 QVMII AI Engine to increase its protection capabilities. The AV-Test report discussed in the Protection Capabilities section reveals that the protection accuracy of 360 Total Security increased upon activation of Avira and Bitdefender engines.


  • Poor Test Results: As shown in the results, 360 Total Security recorded a low-performance when used to perform a malware scan. This low performance rate affected its rating as it didn’t appear among the top 10 security engines released by for 2018.
  • Ads Pop-Up: This software shows a lot of advertisement. For most users, this can be very irritating. However, it is observed that the premium version of this software doesn’t have any advertisement pop-up.

Higher Versions of 360 Total Security

The Higher Version of 360 Total Security includes 360 Total Security Essential and 360 Total Security Premium. Both 360 Total Security and 360 Total Security Essential is available for free while the latter is a premium, paid software which offers a 30-day trial for its users. The premium version of this software activates all its inherent features.

Product Portfolio

360 Total Security has a limited number of products available for use. The very few it has includes;

  • 360 Total Security for Mac: This is the software version compatible with Apple Macbook. This version can have varying features different from the Windows compatible software.
  • 360 Total Security for Business: This software is used by companies (small or large) for their day to day activities. It provides advanced cybersecurity features. It is a paid software which offers a 30-day free trial mode.
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The 360 Total Security is a security software which provides security solutions for PC. It has pretty amazing features which make it distinct among all antivirus software. This is a remarkable achievement considering the number of versions that have been released with its first version released five years ago. It also has a limited number of products for its 500 million user database as acclaimed by Qihoo.

We have carried out the necessary research and found this software to be working software. However, the tests reveal that the software hasn’t done so well to meet up with industry standards.

It is also observed that the software works well with its integrated Avira and Bitdefender engines producing standard results. As a young software, we anticipate this software to develop beyond this. However, from all indications, this software doesn’t maintain a top ranking position among other security software. You can, however, download this software using this link.

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