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Atlas VPN review

Atlas VPN is relatively new VPN located in the USA but it holds really great against other well-established VPN services on the market. Are you asking why should you give it a try if there are tens of other VPN services? Well, Atlas VPN offers the best freemium VPN service. Yes, it's a bold statement but during our testing it proved to be sufficient for any basic needs of VPN such as online banking, traveling, connecting to hotspots in cafes, or event torrenting and streaming. It has unlimited data, strong security features and zero ads. What else you need for the zero price?

I should say that similar to other freemium services Atlas VPN offers also premium plans which are very affordable and make this a great budget-friendly VPN - more on that below.

Difference between Free and Premium plan of Atlas VPN

If you choose Atlas VPN free plan, you will get unlimited use in terms of bandwidth, speed and simultaneous connections. You can stream content in 4K, use torrents without any limits on bandwidth and choose from 3 locations - Netherlands and United states (Los Angels and New York).

Should you pay a little extra for Atlas VPN premium plan you will get access to all 27 locations, optimized servers for streaming, SafeSwap and SafeBrowse feature. SafeSwap servers constantly change your IP address to increase security with three SafeSwap servers (Netherlands USA, Singapore). SafeSwap servers are available only in premium plan however there's no support in MacOS yet.

Other extra features include:

  • Advanced Leak Protection (IPv6)
  • Data breach monitor
  • Network kill switch
  • Safe P2P
  • Tracker blocker

Premium plans of AtlasVPN are really affordable and you can purchase it now with absolutely great discount -86% on 3-Year plan from $1.39/month ($50.04 for 3 years) - access the deal here. This is by far one of the most affordable VPN service we can truly recommend.

The 1-year plan starts from $2.49/mo ($29.88 for 1 year with -75% discount - access here) and monthly plan for $9.99 (no discount).

All plans include a 30-day money back guarantee and you can try can try even premium plan without paying any money. Simply download the free version and activate the free Trial plan. The length of your trial may vary depending on the promotion that you find. 

Security features and encryption

Connection to an Atlas VPN server is encrypted so no one can view what you are doing online .

Atlas VPN uses the 256 cipher. This is the standard for data protection and it is used by many financial and government institutions. This breaks down your data into chunks of 256 bits. Even with the most powerful computers, this could be very difficult to crack. No one has succeeded in doing it yet.

There are two options for tunneling protocols: IKEv2 or WireGuard. This is the latest addition to Atlas VPN. WireGuard, a relatively new protocol platform, has been praised for its ability to speed up the process as well as providing some additional security. WireGuard, which is a durable encryption protocol that doesn't just appear every day, is currently receiving additional attention from advertisers because of its novelty.WireGuard is only available on Android and Windows due to the recent protocol update. We can however expect it to be available on other platforms in the near future.

Logging policy of AtlasVPN

It is rare for VPNs to have a no-logs policy. This makes it difficult to find unpaid services that do. Atlas VPN is different from other VPNs in that it does minimal log. This allows them to provide the service and adhere to applicable laws. It is clear that the unpaid version does not require account creation.

According to the Privacy Policy, does not collect any information that could be used to track your internet usage. All information is encrypted making it difficult to track what you're doing online. Premium users only need to share their email. However, payments via Apple Store or Google Play won't be anonymous.

In the Privacy Policy it is stated that Atlas VPN may collect IP address, application data, device data (including approximate locations based on IP) and device ID to market purposes.


Does Atlas VPN supports torrent?

Atlas VPN doesn’t state much about torrenting. They do not advertise this feature and don't even have dedicated P2P servers. Despite this silence, torrenting with Atlas VPN works great.

Download speed is definitely decent and it takes approximately 7 minutes to download the 2.7GB file - of course depending on your internet bandwidth at the first place. Your results could further vary as speed is affected by other variables, such as seeders/leechers and other nuances. To get a realistic idea of the performance, you will need to test it yourself.

I would like to highlight that torrenting is possible on their free version as well. However, you shouldn't expect speeds to be quite as fast but absolutely sufficient if you don't go too heavy on torrenting.

How many devices can use Atlas VPN?

You can use Atlas VPN on unlimited number of devices simultaneously

Does Atlas VPN unblocks Netlifx?

Atlas VPN worked flawlessly to unblock Netflix, HBO Max and Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer - both Free and Premium Version unblocks Netflix without any problems. The only caviat might be speed in it's free version as I've experienced minor buffering from time to time. 


If you consider the value for money than Atlas VPN is truly a great choice. It has the best free VPN with all the necessary features you can use without any limitations. If you use VPN occasionaly to connect on hotspots or do some occasional streaming and torrenting, do not hesitate and grab a free version now. If you are heavy user, you won't be disappointed by paying for a premium plans.

PureVPN - User Interface

PureVPN provides users with a bank-grade 256-bit AES encryption delivered through advanced protocols, such as OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) and IKEv2. PureVPN supports a wide range of devices and operating systems. Apart from native applications, PureVPN also offers manual configuration for devices that don’t support a native application. Users can log in up to 10 devices simultaneously using PureVPN’s subscription. PureVPN also has a great reputation in the industry as the best streaming VPN service because of its ability to access a huge number of popular streaming services as well as online TV channels. PureVPN has one of the most massive VPN network coverage in the entire industry, covering different continents across the globe. Because of its availability in many countries and their respective cities, users can enjoy better anonymity and accessibility. One of the best aspects is that all the premium features are accessible with all plans regardless of the cost. Other than premium default features, PureVPN also offers add-ons that add to the VPN functionality and deliver an amazing VPN experience for users to enjoy.


Bank-Grade Encryption

PureVPN’s 256-bit AES encryption delivers optimal level internet security. The encryption triggers as you click Connect. Encryption enables users to protect their internet activities, DNS queries, and browsing history against data snoopers, hackers, and ISPs that monitor and store users’ data on behalf of the government’s request. Moreover, users are able to conduct online transactions or shopping on any network without worrying about any digital threats.

Network Coverage and IP Pool

PureVPN has a good IP pool of 300,000+ IP addresses that are coming from over 140 countries and 180+ locations. A massive coverage translates into better anonymity since the user can spoof their IP with any location they want. Secondly, the user has the ability to use that functionality to access country-restricted applications like WhatsApp or content services like BBC iPlayer. Moreover, a huge number of servers also add to the convenience of savvy online gamers as well. The more servers they get nearest to their regions, the better latency and ping they can expect while playing their favorite games.

Certified No-Log VPN Experience

VPN services are often not be trusted by VPN users because of the logging activity that some low-tier VPN services are involved in. To gain users’ trust and solidify their standing on a strict No-Log VPN service provider, PureVPN has gone through multiple No-Log audits and received validation from leading independent auditors, like Altius IT and KPMG, as a No-Log VPN service. Moreover, PureVPN enjoys the distinction of a No-Log VPN provider because of its “always-on” audit, which allows KPMG to conduct an audit on PureVPN systems and logs unannounced every year. This further reinforces PureVPN’s confidence in its services and commitment to providing improved anonymity to users.

Best Streaming VPN Service

Some users try proxy services to gain accessibility to their favorite streaming services and channels. However, they fail to access the content since proxy services are unreliable and even unsecure. PureVPN has the best infrastructure when it comes to offering the best streaming VPN. PureVPN has dedicated streaming servers as well as an IP pool optimized for fastest streaming, seamless connectivity, and accessibility. With PureVPN, users can access top streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and more. Similarly, users can also access online TV channels from abroad like Sky Go Live, ESPN+, HBO Now, SonyLiv, etc.

Privacy Centric Service

PureVPN takes the cake as a secure and privacy-centric VPN provider because of its features. With IKS,users can stay secure even when the VPN abruptly pauses or stops working. Similarly, the IPv6 leak protection and DNS leak protection ensure that users’ privacy and online activities don’t get exposed under any circumstances at all. Secure Wi-Fi is yet another feature that offers anonymity to Android users on public hotspots. The feature alerts users whenever their device tries to connect to any nearest hotspot or when connecting to a familiar hotspot, which the VPN automatically triggers. With a huge pool of anonymous IP addresses, people who are going abroad can ensure that their internet activities aren’t logged or monitored by local surveillance systems or authorities as they can spoof the IP with a click.

Multi-Logins Capability

PureVPN comes with the amazing feature of simultaneous connections. A few years back, PureVPN could connect up to 5 devices with a single subscription. But PureVPN has upgraded its multi-login capability, now allowing users to connect to up to 10 devices at a time which is more than enough for a single household.


Port Forwarding

There are not many VPN service providers in the industry that offer port forwarding features. The feature brings great convenience to gamers, remote workers, and other users who want to connect remote devices to their systems. Port Forwarding is a complex process that requires users to go through multiple steps. With PureVPN’s Port Forwarding feature, users can block or open network ports with just a click and enjoy seamless connectivity.

Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP addresses do not come with VPN services but not in PureVPN’s case. PureVPN offers affordable dedicated IP addresses. The dedicated IP addresses are available from a wide range of locations, including but not limited to Singapore, Australia, the USA, UK, Canada, and more. Dedicated IP addresses are important when it comes to setting static IP addresses or whitelisting any IP address for secure access.

31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Money-back guarantee offers users assurance of the safety of their money. If you believe your money isn’t well spent, you can have it back. In PureVPN’s case, the VPN service offers 31-day money-back assurance, and that too with a no-questions-asked policy. It shows how confident PureVPN is in its services and operations.

Final Thoughts

PureVPN tops the chart as the leading VPN provider in our review because of its privacy-centric features and no-log certifications, which makes it reliable than other providers in the industry.