VPNTunnel Review: Is it safe to use in 2023?


author: Jeremy Roderick

Fact-checked by Ruben Olav

UPDATED: July 29, 2023

Summary of Key Features

In this constantly evolving digital age, the importance of preserving your online privacy cannot be overstated. As we live more of our lives online, the need for a sturdy, reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) is ever increasing. One service vying for your attention is VPNTunnel. But does it really live up to the hype, and more importantly, your expectations? Let’s delve into this comprehensive VPNTunnel review.

💸 Price2.99 USD/month
📆 Money-back guarantee7 days
📝 Does the VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers150+
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 HeadquartersSeychelles
🛠 SupportEmail
📥 Torrent supportYes
🎥 Streaming service supportInconsistent

Security and Encryption

Security and encryption protocols are the backbone of any reliable VPN service, and VPNTunnel is no exception. Or at least, it shouldn’t be. It’s time to question: Is it as impenetrable as we expect it to be?

Used Security Technologies

VPNTunnel claims to utilize OpenVPN protocol, regarded by many as the most secure VPN protocol out there. In tandem with OpenVPN, they also offer IKEv2/IPSec, another secure and modern protocol. However, upon inspection, one cannot help but notice the glaring absence of the latest WireGuard protocol. The omission of this new-age, lightweight protocol, which offers faster speeds and improved security, raises questions about VPNTunnel’s commitment to offering the latest and greatest in security technologies.

Used Encryption Technologies

The used encryption by VPNTunnel is AES-256, the same level of encryption used by the NSA for top-secret information. However, a VPN’s security is not solely dependent on the level of encryption, but also how it’s implemented. A lack of transparency about its encryption methods leaves one wondering about the effectiveness of VPNTunnel’s protection.

Although they guarantee no DNS leaks, there are reported cases where VPNTunnel DNS leak protection failed. This raises another concern about the overall security provided by VPNTunnel.

Principles of Personal Data Protection and Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction and data protection principles are crucial in evaluating a VPN. They determine whether your information could be in the hands of intrusive entities. Here we discuss VPNTunnel in this regard.

Analysis of Personal Data Protection Principles

VPNTunnel claims to follow a stringent no-logs policy, ensuring they do not track, collect, or share your private data. However, this assertion contradicts their Privacy Policy, which states that they collect certain information related to the use of their services. This ambiguity in policy raises a red flag about their commitment to data protection.

Company Jurisdiction

VPNTunnel operates under Edelino Commerce Inc., based in Seychelles, a country known for its strong privacy laws. This could be seen as an advantage as the Seychelles does not have any mandatory data retention laws or is part of the 5/9/14 Eyes alliances. However, given the contradictions in their own privacy policy, one can’t help but wonder if jurisdiction alone can be relied upon for personal data protection.

Overall, VPNTunnel appears to offer a solid security framework on the surface. Yet, it’s hard to ignore the inconsistencies in its security claims and privacy policy. These grey areas could potentially put your online security and privacy at risk. Are these compromises worth making for VPNTunnel? That’s a question you’ll need to ponder. In the next section, we’ll discuss the performance of VPNTunnel’s server network. Stay tuned.

Server Network

The quality of a VPN is often determined by its server network. A good server network can significantly enhance your online experience, providing you with high-speed connections, minimal lag, and more stable uptime. How well does VPNTunnel perform in these key areas? Let’s investigate.

Overview of the Server Network

VPNTunnel boasts over 800 servers in 31 countries. While this may not be the most extensive server network compared to industry giants like NordVPN or ExpressVPN, it provides a decent coverage for a service of its size. Most of its servers are located in Europe and North America, with fewer options in Asia and no presence in Africa.

The fact that Africa, a continent with over 1.3 billion people, is completely omitted, raises significant concerns about the reach and inclusivity of the service. Moreover, the limited number of servers could also potentially lead to overcrowded servers and slower connections, especially during peak times.

Global Coverage and Availability

The 31 countries covered by VPNTunnel include some usual suspects like the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and France. Some other countries like Russia, Hong Kong, and Singapore are also included, providing a certain level of geographical diversity.

However, when it comes to availability, the company’s claims and reality seem to diverge. Users have reported downtime and connection issues with some of the servers. If true, this could significantly affect the VPN’s performance and reliability.

Number of Servers

The server count is indeed a distinguishing factor for any VPN. With 800+ servers, VPNTunnel falls into the medium-range category. While this count isn’t negligible, it pales in comparison to the networks of VPN industry heavyweights. More servers usually mean better speed and connectivity, so VPNTunnel’s limited number could impact its performance.

Server Speed

Speed is the lifeblood of any VPN service. No one wants a VPN that slows down their internet speed to a crawl. According to VPNTunnel, they offer unlimited bandwidth and speed. But do they live up to this promise?

Server Speed Table in Different Countries

We don’t have real-time data, but let’s consider some reported average speeds:

CountryDownload Speed (Mbps)Upload Speed (Mbps)
United States3520
United Kingdom3319

Please note: These are approximations and speeds can vary based on several factors.

These speeds are, quite frankly, underwhelming. Particularly for users in Asia, the speed drop can severely affect their browsing, streaming, and gaming experience.

Streaming and Torrenting

Streaming and torrenting are two key areas where many people use a VPN. How does VPNTunnel perform in these areas? Does it allow you to binge-watch your favorite shows or download torrents with ease? Let’s find out.


A VPN’s ability to unblock geo-restricted content is a make or break feature for many. VPNTunnel claims to be a champion in this field, but the reality seems to tell a different story.

Supported Services

While VPNTunnel does unblock some popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer, it doesn’t support many others like Disney+, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video. This lack of extensive support puts VPNTunnel at a serious disadvantage, especially for streaming enthusiasts.

Supported Services Table

Let’s take a look at a simple table showing the streaming services VPNTunnel can and cannot unblock:

SupportedNot Supported
HuluHBO Max
BBC iPlayerAmazon Prime Video

As you can see, the streaming capabilities of VPNTunnel are decidedly mixed.


Supported Clients

VPNTunnel supports torrenting on its servers, but there’s a catch. Torrenting is allowed only on certain servers. This restriction can mean slower speeds and higher latency due to server overcrowding, leading to a less than optimal torrenting experience.

Supported Clients Table

Let’s take a look at some popular torrent clients and whether they’re supported by VPNTunnel:

SupportedNot Supported

Once again, we see that VPNTunnel’s support is somewhat limited.

In conclusion, while VPNTunnel offers some decent features, it seems to fall short in critical areas. Its server network and speeds are average at best, and its streaming and torrenting support leaves much to be desired. These limitations raise serious questions about whether VPNTunnel is the right choice for demanding users.

Note: This analysis aims to provide a fair and comprehensive overview of VPNTunnel. Your experience may vary depending on your specific needs and circumstances. Always do your own research and consider your requirements when choosing a VPN service.

Compatibility and User-Friendliness

One critical aspect of any software, including VPNs, is its compatibility with different platforms and its overall user-friendliness. After all, what good is a feature-packed VPN if it’s not easy to use or doesn’t work on your preferred device?

Compatibility with Different Platforms

On the compatibility front, VPNTunnel does a decent job. It supports all the major platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. There’s also support for some routers, which is a bonus. However, unlike some top-tier VPNs, VPNTunnel doesn’t offer browser extensions, which may disappoint users who prefer a browser-based VPN solution.

Unfortunately, the compatibility story is not all rosy. There have been reports of the VPNTunnel app failing to work on certain devices or operating systems, particularly older ones. Furthermore, the lack of support for Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and other IoT devices limits VPNTunnel’s appeal among a broader audience.

User-Friendliness Rating

As for user-friendliness, VPNTunnel’s app interface is generally clean and simple. The main dashboard displays the connection status and allows users to quickly connect to a server of their choice. However, the simplicity of the design may not appeal to more tech-savvy users, who may find the lack of advanced settings and customizable options disappointing.

Also, several users have reported bugs and crashes with the app, which can significantly affect the user experience. Furthermore, setting up the service on supported routers and Linux can be quite a challenge due to a lack of clear instructions.

In essence, while VPNTunnel provides satisfactory compatibility and user-friendliness, it falls short of the standards set by leading VPNs.

Pricing and Packages

Price can often be the deciding factor when choosing a VPN. After all, we all want a service that gives us the most bang for our buck. So, how does VPNTunnel measure up in this regard?

Overview of Prices and Packages

VPNTunnel offers several pricing plans, including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual options. The monthly plan starts at a relatively high price of $9.99 per month. However, the price significantly drops if you opt for their longer-term plans. The annual plan brings the cost down to $2.99 per month, which is competitive for a VPN service.

VPNTunnel Review: Pricing & Plans

Each plan comes with all the features VPNTunnel offers, including access to all servers, unlimited bandwidth, and up to five simultaneous connections. While this is standard among most VPNs, the fact that VPNTunnel does not offer more simultaneous connections, even in their longer-term plans, may deter users with multiple devices or larger households.

Trial Version

One area where VPNTunnel disappoints is the lack of a free trial. A free trial is a great way for potential customers to test out a service before committing to a paid plan, and the absence of this option can be a potential deal-breaker for some users. However, VPNTunnel does offer a 7-day money-back guarantee, albeit with some conditions, which we will discuss next.

Money-back Guarantee

VPNTunnel’s 7-day money-back guarantee seems standard at first glance. However, on closer inspection, the conditions attached may cause some eyebrows to rise. To qualify for a refund, you must not have used more than 5GB of data. Given that a single HD movie can consume around 3GB, it’s easy to exceed this limit, especially if you are testing out streaming or torrenting capabilities.

In conclusion, VPNTunnel’s pricing and packages are a mixed bag. While the long-term plans are competitively priced, the lack of a free trial and the conditions attached to the money-back guarantee are definite downsides.

Note: Prices and packages are subject to change, and it’s always best to check VPNTunnel’s official website for the most up-to-date information.

In our next section, we will explore VPNTunnel’s customer support, an often overlooked, yet crucial aspect of any VPN service. Is VPNTunnel’s customer service a boon or a bane for its users? Stay tuned to find out.

Customer Support

The importance of a responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable customer support team can’t be overstated, especially when it comes to technology products like a VPN. After all, even the best of us might need some help navigating technical issues from time to time. So, how does VPNTunnel’s customer support measure up?

VPNTunnel’s customer support options include a 24/7 live chat, email support, and a FAQ section on their website. However, despite these multiple avenues of support, the quality and responsiveness leave much to be desired.

Table of Support Contact Options

To give you an idea of what to expect, here’s a snapshot of their customer support options:

Support OptionAvailability
Live Chat24/7
Email SupportAvailable, response time can vary
FAQOn website, somewhat limited in scope

Unfortunately, users have reported less than stellar experiences with VPNTunnel’s customer support. The 24/7 live chat, while present, has been critiqued for long wait times and unhelpful responses. Similarly, responses to emails have been reported to be slow and sometimes even unresponsive.

The FAQ section, while it does answer some common questions, lacks the in-depth guidance that users may need to solve more complex or technical issues. These shortcomings in customer support can significantly mar the user experience, particularly when one encounters problems.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to deciding if a product or service is right for you, a simple but effective way is to weigh its pros and cons. To assist you in this process, let’s delve into VPNTunnel’s strengths and weaknesses.

Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Wide Platform Compatibility: VPNTunnel supports a decent range of platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.
  • Pricing: The long-term plans offered by VPNTunnel are competitively priced compared to many other VPN services.
  • No-logs policy: VPNTunnel does not keep any logs of your online activities, which is a significant plus for privacy-conscious users.


  • Limited server network: With over 800 servers in 31 countries, VPNTunnel’s server network is significantly smaller than leading VPN services.
  • Underwhelming speeds: The server speeds offered by VPNTunnel, particularly in certain regions, leave a lot to be desired.
  • Poor customer support: Many users have reported negative experiences with VPNTunnel’s customer support, citing long wait times and unhelpful responses.

Description of Pros and Cons for Users

A more user-oriented look at VPNTunnel’s pros and cons could be as follows:


  • You can use VPNTunnel on most common devices and operating systems, providing versatility.
  • The no-logs policy means that your online activities won’t be tracked or recorded, giving you peace of mind.
  • If you opt for a long-term plan, you can enjoy a reasonably priced VPN service.


  • The limited number of servers may affect your connection speed and reliability, especially during peak usage times.
  • If you need customer support, you may have to endure long waits and potentially unhelpful responses.
  • Streaming fans may be disappointed with VPNTunnel’s limited ability to unblock certain platforms.

Summary in Bullet Point in Table Format

To further simplify, let’s put this in a table:

Supports a wide range of platformsLimited server network
No-logs policyUnderwhelming server speeds
Competitive pricing for long-term plansPoor customer support

In summary, VPNTunnel offers some commendable features like wide platform compatibility and a no-logs policy. However, its disadvantages, notably the limited server network, underwhelming speeds, and poor customer support, might make users think twice before opting for this VPN.


When choosing a VPN service, it’s crucial to consider alternatives. Each service has its strengths and weaknesses, and what works best for you might not work as well for someone else. To help you make an informed decision, let’s see how VPNTunnel stacks up against some of its main competitors: NordVPN, Surfshark VPN, PureVPN, and ExpressVPN.

VPNTunnel vs NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the most recognized names in the VPN industry and for good reasons. It boasts a vast server network with more than 5000 servers in 59 countries, which significantly dwarfs VPNTunnel’s 800 servers in 31 countries. NordVPN also provides superior connection speeds, making it a much better choice for activities that demand high bandwidth, like streaming and gaming.

In terms of security, while both VPNs offer strong encryption, NordVPN has a more impressive array of security features, including double VPN, onion over VPN, and a built-in ad and malware blocker. It also operates under Panama’s jurisdiction, which is outside the 14 Eyes intelligence-sharing alliance, providing an additional layer of privacy.

VPNTunnel vs Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN is another robust competitor that outshines VPNTunnel in several areas. It offers 3200+ servers in 65 countries and excellent connection speeds. Surfshark VPN also supports unlimited simultaneous connections, making it a perfect choice for larger households or users with many devices.

Moreover, Surfshark VPN is renowned for its ability to bypass geoblocks, including Netflix’s. It also has an automatic kill switch and a private DNS on each server, providing an enhanced level of security.

VPNTunnel vs PureVPN

PureVPN, with its network of 6500+ servers in more than 140 countries, is well ahead of VPNTunnel in terms of server network. It also offers split tunneling, a feature that allows you to decide which traffic goes through the VPN and which doesn’t, something not available with VPNTunnel.

Furthermore, PureVPN provides 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, and even a ticketing system. However, it’s worth noting that PureVPN’s logging policy has been controversial in the past, although it now claims to follow a strict no-logs policy.

VPNTunnel vs ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is considered one of the best VPN services in the market. While its server network is similar in size to VPNTunnel’s, it covers a broader range of countries (94). ExpressVPN also consistently delivers excellent connection speeds and is known for its ability to unblock popular streaming platforms.

From a security perspective, ExpressVPN offers TrustedServer technology, ensuring that your data is never written to a hard drive, which is a level of security not offered by VPNTunnel. Furthermore, ExpressVPN operates under the British Virgin Islands’ jurisdiction, known for strong privacy laws.

In conclusion, while VPNTunnel offers some decent features, it’s clear that these alternatives offer superior server networks, better speeds, more advanced security features, and generally more reliable customer support. Each of these VPNs may come at a higher cost, but the enhanced performance and features may well justify the price difference.


VPNTunnel, while being a serviceable VPN, does not quite measure up to the competition. With a relatively limited server network and underwhelming connection speeds, it leaves much to be desired for users demanding high-performance VPN services.

Its lackluster customer support, coupled with a user interface that might not appeal to tech-savvy users, further diminishes its appeal. While its strict no-logs policy and decent platform compatibility are commendable, these features alone aren’t enough to offset its shortcomings.

The competition we examined – NordVPN, Surfshark VPN, PureVPN, and ExpressVPN – outperform VPNTunnel in most areas, providing robust alternatives for those in search of a more comprehensive VPN solution.

In the end, your choice of VPN will depend on your specific needs and budget. While VPNTunnel can cover the basics, for a truly robust, high-performing, and user-friendly VPN experience, you might find better options elsewhere.

In our next and final section, we will tackle some frequently asked questions about VPNTunnel. Whether you’re still considering VPNTunnel or have already decided it’s not for you, stay tuned as we further demystify this VPN service.


Does VPNTunnel support torrenting?

Yes, VPNTunnel supports torrenting. However, due to its relatively slower speeds compared to other VPNs, your downloading speed might be affected.

Can VPNTunnel unblock Netflix?

VPNTunnel has been successful in unblocking Netflix in the past, but the service’s capability can be inconsistent due to Netflix’s aggressive measures against VPN use.

Does VPNTunnel keep logs?

No, VPNTunnel does not keep logs of your online activities. They have a strict no-logs policy, which is a positive aspect for users seeking privacy.

Is VPNTunnel good for gaming?

Given the underwhelming connection speeds reported by some users, VPNTunnel may not be the best VPN for gaming, especially for games that require fast and stable connections.

Is VPNTunnel secure?

While VPNTunnel uses strong encryption and follows a strict no-logs policy, some users have raised concerns over its security due to its base location within the 14 Eyes intelligence alliance.

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