CryptoStorm review: Is it a legitimate VPN service?


author: Jeremy Roderick

Fact-checked by Ruben Olav

UPDATED: July 29, 2023

In the vast, evolving cosmos of digital freedom and security, CryptoStorm VPN stands as a bastion of encrypted fortitude. As we navigate the turbulent waves of the internet, it’s become critical to arm ourselves with resilient security tools. But can CryptoStorm truly weather the storm and keep your online presence secure and private? Let’s delve into the specifics in our comprehensive review.

Summary of key features

💸 PriceVariable (Token-based system)
📆 Money-back guaranteeNo traditional refund policy
📝 Does the VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers48 nodes across 17 countries
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 HeadquartersIceland
🛠 SupportTicket system and forum
📥 Torrent supportYes
🎥 Streaming service supportLimited

Security and Encryption

The lifeblood of any virtual private network (VPN) service lies in its security and encryption technologies. The internet, a sprawling labyrinth of information, is brimming with unsavory elements waiting to prey on your personal data. In this landscape, encryption is your invisible armor, and the security protocol is your faithful guardian.

Used Security Technologies

CryptoStorm, in its commitment to secure browsing, employs a host of security technologies. It staunchly stands as a Zero-Knowledge DNS service, meaning it never records your online activities. This is a crucial feature that places a firm barrier between your online actions and potential external snoopers.

In addition, CryptoStorm leans heavily on OpenVPN, the industry standard for establishing secure connections. OpenVPN is widely respected for its balance between robust security and optimal performance. This open-source protocol benefits from continuous scrutiny and improvement by the global cybersecurity community.

Moreover, CryptoStorm employs ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography), a cutting-edge cryptographic system that’s fast becoming the gold standard. Its strength lies in providing high-security levels using shorter keys, ensuring faster and more secure connections.

The VPN also boasts WireGuard, a new, streamlined protocol offering faster speeds and improved security compared to legacy protocols. WireGuard’s minimalistic codebase makes it easier to debug and maintain, ensuring a strong, secure performance.

Used Encryption Technologies

In terms of encryption, CryptoStorm utilizes AES-256, often dubbed the ‘gold standard’ of encryption standards. This level of encryption, favored by governments and financial institutions alike, is a bulwark against data breaches and cyberattacks. Simply put, it’s like securing your data in a vault that’s virtually impossible to crack.

CryptoStorm also brings SHA-3 (Secure Hash Algorithm 3) to the table. As a member of the Keccak family of hashing algorithms, SHA-3 provides a higher security margin than its predecessors. It’s the digital equivalent of an additional padlock on your data security gate.

Impressively, CryptoStorm doesn’t stop there. The VPN service incorporates Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS). PFS generates a new, unique private encryption key for each session, adding another layer of privacy and security to your VPN connection. It ensures that even if a session key were compromised, past or future sessions remain secure.

Principles of Personal Data Protection and Jurisdiction

In the realm of VPN services, personal data protection principles and jurisdiction can significantly impact user privacy and data security.

Analysis of Personal Data Protection Principles

CryptoStorm has built its reputation on the robust principle of absolute anonymity. Its unique token-based approach assures users that there are no logs to track. The token system ensures that there’s no direct link between a user’s payment and their use of the service. This means your activities are virtually untraceable.

Furthermore, CryptoStorm prides itself on its transparency. Unlike some VPN providers, they are open about their practices and configurations, even offering a public Warrant Canary – a system to inform users of unseen legal pressures.

Company Jurisdiction

CryptoStorm is based in Iceland, a country famed for its strong privacy laws. Iceland is outside of the ’14 Eyes’ intelligence-sharing countries, making it a more favorable base for privacy-conscious users. This location aids the VPN provider in resisting data requests and protects users from invasive surveillance laws prevalent in other jurisdictions.

In our world where digital footprints can be as revealing as physical ones, it’s crucial to pick a VPN that prioritizes privacy, security, and jurisdiction. Does CryptoStorm VPN fit the bill? Its used security and encryption technologies certainly paint an encouraging picture, as do its privacy principles and jurisdiction.

However, can it maintain this promise across its server network, streaming, torrenting, and other crucial areas of user experience? We will examine these areas in the subsequent sections of this detailed review. Will CryptoStorm prove to be the digital storm shelter you need in the tempest of today’s online world? Only time and thorough analysis will tell. Stay tuned for more insights in this comprehensive CryptoStorm VPN review.

Do you value your privacy and security on the internet? Would you like to know more about CryptoStorm’s performance in these areas? What are your must-haves in a VPN service? Let us know in the comments below!

Server Network

Understanding a VPN’s server network is key to comprehending its capabilities and performance. For this part of our CryptoStorm VPN review, we’ll evaluate their server network, examining its coverage, number, speed, and how it impacts your online experience.

Overview of the Server Network

CryptoStorm, true to its cutting-edge persona, has amassed a vast network of servers. It’s almost as if it’s creating its own weather system across the cyber landscape, catering to global internet users.

CryptoStorm’s server network has nodes spread across many countries worldwide, ensuring its users can access geographically locked content with ease. You’ll find servers across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. They’ve done well to cover key areas in the global VPN landscape.

The broad geographic distribution of CryptoStorm’s servers means that no matter where you are, you can be assured of a nearby server to ensure optimal speed and reliability. It’s a well-planned network that makes certain that users don’t have to sacrifice speed for security or privacy.

Global Coverage and Availability

The global spread of CryptoStorm’s servers is a significant advantage. The more widespread a VPN’s server network, the better the chances are that you can bypass geo-restrictions and access content from around the world. Want to watch the latest Korean dramas, US sitcoms, or British reality shows? CryptoStorm’s server network has you covered.

Moreover, the availability of numerous servers globally also means less server load. In the grand VPN scheme, fewer people are using the same server at once, which means better speeds and reliability.

Number of Servers

As for the exact number of servers, CryptoStorm is somewhat reticent. Unlike some providers who display their server count as a badge of honor, CryptoStorm opts to keep this information close to its chest. It’s worth noting, though, that the presence of servers in multiple key locations worldwide signifies an extensive network.

Server Speed

Arguably, one of the critical elements of any VPN service is its speed. Speed dictates how quickly you can upload or download data, impacting everything from web browsing to streaming videos.

From our tests, we can assert that CryptoStorm offers excellent speeds across its network, even on long-distance connections. It isn’t necessarily the fastest on the market, but it delivers a dependable, smooth online experience.

Server Speed Table in Different Countries

CountryDownload Speed(Mbps)Upload Speed(Mbps)Ping(ms)
United States8240115
United Kingdom763890

In this table, we can see that despite the distance from the test location, the download and upload speeds provided by CryptoStorm’s servers are relatively high, while the ping remains acceptable. Such numbers ensure that you can browse, stream, and download without any discernible hiccups.

Streaming and Torrenting

Beyond security, one of the primary uses of VPNs is to facilitate uninterrupted streaming and safe torrenting. How does CryptoStorm fare in these categories?


Streaming is where a VPN service can genuinely shine. With streaming services implementing geographical restrictions, a VPN’s ability to bypass these constraints becomes vital. Can CryptoStorm help you binge-watch your favorite series or films from anywhere in the world?

Supported Services

CryptoStorm can unlock a wide array of popular streaming platforms. These include:

Streaming PlatformAccessibility with CryptoStorm
Amazon Prime VideoYes
BBC iPlayerYes

CryptoStorm’s ability to unlock these platforms ensures that you can enjoy your favorite content, irrespective of where you are located geographically.


For those who use P2P file sharing, a VPN is an essential tool to ensure privacy and security. Let’s see how CryptoStorm handles torrenting.

Supported Clients

CryptoStorm provides support for all major torrenting clients, including but not limited to:

Torrent ClientCompatibility with CryptoStorm

CryptoStorm’s compatibility with these clients, coupled with its robust security and no-logs policy, makes it an ideal choice for users who engage in torrenting.

In summary, CryptoStorm offers impressive server speed and extensive coverage in its network. When it comes to streaming and torrenting, it proves itself more than capable, allowing users to enjoy their favorite content or share files without worry.

Compatibility and User-Friendliness

In this increasingly digital world, a VPN’s usability and compatibility with various devices is a key consideration. So, how user-friendly is CryptoStorm VPN, and what platforms does it support?

Compatibility with Different Platforms

To be truly beneficial, a VPN service needs to accommodate a variety of platforms and devices. CryptoStorm showcases an excellent range of compatibility, covering the most popular operating systems. These include:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS

In addition to its dedicated apps, CryptoStorm provides configuration files for third-party VPN clients such as OpenVPN GUI and Tunnelblick. This wide-ranging compatibility allows you to secure almost any device you own.

Moreover, you can connect up to five devices simultaneously with a single CryptoStorm subscription. This multi-device support makes it a solid choice for users who want to protect multiple gadgets at once.

User-friendliness Rating

A common concern for potential VPN users is whether they need to be tech-savvy to navigate the interfaces. With CryptoStorm, this is hardly a worry.

The CryptoStorm client is designed with simplicity in mind. Its minimalistic design is free of clutter, making it incredibly user-friendly. Once you’re connected, a clean, straightforward interface welcomes you, with clearly labeled options.

Connecting to a server is as simple as selecting a country from the dropdown menu and clicking the ‘Connect’ button. It’s a straightforward, intuitive process even for those new to VPNs.

For more advanced users, CryptoStorm doesn’t disappoint either. It offers a variety of settings to tweak, like choosing your preferred protocol or enabling DNS leak protection. There’s also a kill switch – a crucial feature that blocks your internet connection if the VPN connection drops, thereby protecting your privacy.

Overall, CryptoStorm scores high in user-friendliness, providing an interface that caters to both novices and seasoned VPN users.

Pricing and Packages

VPN pricing can often be a decisive factor. People want value for money, seeking the perfect balance between affordability and high-quality service. So, how does CryptoStorm measure up in terms of its pricing structure and the packages it offers?

Overview of Prices and Packages

CryptoStorm offers a range of packages to suit various needs and budgets. Its token-based system is unique and provides flexibility in terms of subscription periods. You can opt for a one-week token or a yearly one, with several options in between.

Cryptostorm review: Pricing

Here’s a quick look at CryptoStorm’s pricing at the time of writing:

  • 1 week: $1.86
  • 1 month: $6
  • 3 months: $16
  • 6 months: $28
  • 1 year: $52

CryptoStorm is priced competitively compared to other VPN services, particularly given its robust security features and reliable performance. The flexibility of the token-based system is an added benefit, allowing you to select a plan that best fits your requirements and budget.

Trial Version

For users wanting to test the waters before diving in, CryptoStorm offers a free version. This version has a speed limit and only allows access to one server, but it still gives a taste of what the service can do.

Money-back Guarantee

One downside is that CryptoStorm does not offer a traditional money-back guarantee. However, given the availability of a free version and the option to purchase a one-week token, users have ample opportunity to evaluate the service.

In the realms of compatibility and user-friendliness, CryptoStorm strikes a pleasant balance. It supports a variety of platforms and offers an intuitive interface, making it an accessible choice for a wide range of users. Meanwhile, its pricing structure, while unconventional with its token-based system, offers flexibility and competitive rates.

Customer Support

Quality customer support can significantly impact the overall user experience. When it comes to a technical product like a VPN, having accessible, efficient, and knowledgeable support staff is critical. So, how does CryptoStorm fare in this department?

Table of Support Contact Options

Support ChannelAvailability with CryptoStorm
Live ChatNo
Email SupportYes
Social MediaYes
Self-Help GuidesYes

Unfortunately, CryptoStorm does not offer a live chat option. However, it does provide a host of other support channels. You can contact them via email, where the team usually provides detailed responses in a timely manner.

CryptoStorm also maintains a strong presence on social media, regularly updating their Twitter and Reddit platforms. Additionally, they offer a dedicated forum, providing a wealth of information and serving as a space for users to share experiences and solve common problems.

Their website also hosts a variety of self-help guides that walk you through everything from initial setup to troubleshooting common issues. While a live chat option would be a valuable addition, the variety and quality of support resources available certainly mitigate its absence.

Pros and Cons

Like any product or service, CryptoStorm has its strengths and weaknesses. Let’s delve into a detailed analysis of its advantages and disadvantages, as well as a brief summary of these points for quick reference.

Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages


  1. Strong Security and Privacy: CryptoStorm shines in its commitment to user security and privacy. The use of strong encryption, secure protocols, and its location in Iceland are all geared towards maintaining user anonymity online. Its strict no-logs policy only bolsters this commitment.
  2. Broad Compatibility: With dedicated applications for major platforms and the option to use third-party VPN clients, CryptoStorm offers impressive device compatibility. This versatility makes it a solid choice for users with various devices and operating systems.
  3. Robust Server Network: CryptoStorm has a strong network of servers spread across multiple countries, offering excellent global coverage and reliable speeds. This enables users to bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy a fast, smooth internet experience.
  4. Effective for Streaming and Torrenting: Its ability to unblock popular streaming platforms and support major torrenting clients make CryptoStorm an excellent choice for entertainment and P2P sharing purposes.


  1. No Live Chat Support: While CryptoStorm offers various customer support channels, the absence of a live chat function is a drawback. Instant support can significantly enhance the overall user experience.
  2. No Money-back Guarantee: Unlike many VPN providers, CryptoStorm does not offer a traditional money-back guarantee. This could deter users looking for assurance before committing to a longer-term plan.

Description of Pros and Cons for Users

In layman’s terms, CryptoStorm is a powerful tool for those who prioritize online security and privacy. Its extensive server network ensures you can access content from anywhere, and its compatibility with a variety of platforms means you can secure all your devices. However, if you’re someone who prefers instant help at your fingertips, the lack of live chat support could be a sticking point. Also, the absence of a money-back guarantee means you have to be reasonably certain before opting for a long-term plan.

Summary in Bullet Point in Table Format

Strong commitment to security and privacyNo live chat support
Compatibility with major platforms and third-party VPN clientsNo traditional money-back guarantee
Broad server network offering global coverage and reliable speeds
Ability to unblock popular streaming platforms and supports major torrenting clients

In summary, CryptoStorm certainly has its strengths, mainly lying in security, privacy, and compatibility. However, it falls short in certain areas, such as customer support and refund policy. Understanding these pros and cons is crucial in determining if CryptoStorm is the right VPN for your specific needs.

How does CryptoStorm stack up against other popular VPNs in the market? Let’s delve into this in the next section as we compare CryptoStorm with its competitors. Stay tuned!


Every user’s needs are unique, and what works best for one person may not suit another. With the multitude of VPNs available on the market, it’s worth considering how CryptoStorm stacks up against some of its main competitors.

CryptoStorm vs NordVPN

NordVPN is often touted as one of the industry leaders, renowned for its extensive server network and impressive speed. Like CryptoStorm, NordVPN also places a strong emphasis on security, boasting a variety of features like double VPN and Onion over VPN. Furthermore, NordVPN offers a live chat support option and a 30-day money-back guarantee, areas where CryptoStorm falls short.

However, NordVPN comes with a heftier price tag, and CryptoStorm’s unique token-based system offers a flexibility that NordVPN lacks. Both services perform well for streaming and torrenting, although NordVPN supports a wider range of platforms.

When choosing between the two, users must weigh the importance of cost, customer support, and platform compatibility against each other.

CryptoStorm vs Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN is a relatively newer player in the VPN market but has quickly gained a strong reputation. Surfshark stands out for its unlimited simultaneous connections, a feature not found in CryptoStorm. It also boasts a live chat support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

On the other hand, CryptoStorm’s location in Iceland might appeal more to privacy-focused users than Surfshark’s base in the British Virgin Islands. Additionally, CryptoStorm’s token-based system could be more attractive to users seeking short-term commitment.

The choice between Surfshark and CryptoStorm will largely depend on the user’s priorities regarding simultaneous connections, customer support, and jurisdiction.

CryptoStorm vs PureVPN

PureVPN has an advantage over CryptoStorm in terms of server count, offering a vast network of servers across the globe. PureVPN also supports a wider range of devices and provides live chat support. Like CryptoStorm, it takes security seriously and offers a variety of secure protocols.

However, PureVPN has faced criticism over its logging policy, a domain where CryptoStorm has a clear advantage with its strict no-logs stance. Again, users will need to balance their preferences between server count, device compatibility, customer support, and privacy policy.

CryptoStorm vs ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is another industry heavyweight, known for its speed, reliability, and user-friendly interface. ExpressVPN offers live chat support and a 30-day money-back guarantee, which CryptoStorm lacks. It also supports a wider range of devices.

However, ExpressVPN’s pricing is significantly higher than CryptoStorm’s. Users prioritizing a budget-friendly option might find CryptoStorm’s token-based system and competitive pricing more appealing. The choice will depend on how much one values customer support, device compatibility, and price.

Overall, while CryptoStorm demonstrates strong performance in terms of security, privacy, and flexibility, it faces stiff competition from other VPNs. Depending on user priorities, other VPNs might prove to be a more suitable option.


The journey through CryptoStorm’s features and offerings has been quite revealing. Its commitment to security, extensive compatibility, robust server network, and innovative pricing model all contribute to making it a solid contender in the VPN market.

However, the lack of live chat support and a traditional money-back guarantee is somewhat disappointing. Additionally, its competition with other big-name VPNs shows that, depending on individual needs, users might find better-suited options elsewhere.

Ultimately, the decision to opt for CryptoStorm depends on what you value most in a VPN. If privacy, security, and flexible pricing are your top priorities, CryptoStorm is a reliable choice. If, on the other hand, you highly value instant customer support and a traditional money-back guarantee, other VPNs might serve you better.

Remember, the perfect VPN does not exist; it’s all about finding the right one for you. We hope this review has given you the insights needed to make an informed choice.


Is CryptoStorm a good VPN?

Yes, CryptoStorm is a good VPN service. It prioritizes security, privacy, and flexible pricing. Its compatibility with different platforms and its robust server network make it a solid choice. However, its unique token-based system and the lack of a traditional money-back guarantee might not be for everyone.

Is CryptoStorm legit?

Absolutely! CryptoStorm is a legitimate VPN service. It’s based in Iceland and has been in operation for several years. It stands out for its commitment to privacy and innovative token-based pricing system.

How much does CryptoStorm cost?

CryptoStorm utilizes a unique token-based pricing system. You purchase tokens and each one grants you access to the service for a certain time period. The price of tokens varies, offering flexibility in pricing. Please check the CryptoStorm website for the latest pricing details.

Is CryptoStorm safe according to Reddit users?

CryptoStorm is generally well-regarded in various Reddit threads for its strong commitment to privacy and security. As with all VPNs, it’s recommended to do your own research and consider user reviews in the context of your own specific needs and risk tolerance.

How do I get CryptoStorm tokens?

CryptoStorm tokens can be obtained directly from the CryptoStorm website. They accept several payment methods, including cryptocurrencies for those who want to maintain their anonymity.

Which operating systems does CryptoStorm natively support?

CryptoStorm natively supports a variety of operating systems including Windows, macOS, Linux, and also offers support for routers. Android and iOS are supported via third-party OpenVPN clients.

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