Boxpn review: Is it safe to use in 2023?


author: Jeremy Roderick

Fact-checked by Ruben Olav

UPDATED: July 29, 2023

There’s no doubt that the security landscape of the internet is more complex and perilous than ever before. We’re awash in a sea of cyber threats, from hackers to data breaches, making the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) a necessity rather than a luxury. This brings us to the question: How reliable is Boxpn as a VPN solution? Can it hold up against some of its highly-rated competitors? In this review, we’ll dive deep into Boxpn’s security, encryption and much more.

Summary of Key Features

๐Ÿ’ธ Price2.99 USD/month
๐Ÿ“† Money-back guarantee7 days
๐Ÿ“ Does the VPN keep logs?No
๐Ÿ–ฅ Number of servers150+
๐Ÿ›ก Kill switchNo
๐Ÿ—บ HeadquartersRepublic of Seychelles
๐Ÿ›  SupportEmail, Live chat (Not 24/7)
๐Ÿ“ฅ Torrent supportYes
๐ŸŽฅ Streaming service supportYes, but inconsistent

Security and Encryption

In the world of VPNs, security and encryption are synonymous with the level of privacy and safety you can enjoy online. These are the key factors that will determine whether you’re exposed to cyber threats or safely navigating the digital world. So how does Boxpn fare in this arena?

Used Security Technologies

Boxpn relies on a combination of security technologies, prominently the 2048-bit encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL). While these technologies are fairly standard across many VPN services, they form a solid foundation for a secure browsing experience.

Yet, there are a few concerns. Although Boxpn uses the SSTP protocol, which is highly secure, it also supports PPTP, a protocol known to have serious security vulnerabilities. The company also does not appear to have WireGuard support, a next-generation protocol that’s quicker and more secure than its older counterparts. The lack of this feature puts Boxpn at a disadvantage compared to many other VPN services that have already embraced WireGuard.

Used Encryption Technologies

Boxpn uses 2048-bit encryption to protect its users’ data. To put it into perspective, 2048-bit encryption is akin to having a lock with 2^2048 different combinations. That’s a near-impossible code to crack, which should technically provide an impenetrable shield around your data.

However, with quantum computing becoming more of a reality, the 2048-bit encryption might not be foolproof. Services that have already started looking into post-quantum cryptography algorithms have an upper hand.

Also, it’s worth noting that Boxpn uses the older SHA-1 for data authentication which, despite its widespread usage, has demonstrated vulnerabilities. Many VPNs now use the more secure SHA-256 or even SHA-3, making Boxpn’s choice a bit outdated.

Principles of Personal Data Protection and Jurisdiction

The manner in which a VPN service handles your data is an essential aspect of its operation. And this is inherently linked to the jurisdiction the company falls under, as different countries have varied laws and regulations regarding data protection.

Analysis of Personal Data Protection Principles

Boxpn claims a stringent no-log policy, stating that they do not store user data or browsing activity. This is certainly reassuring for privacy-focused users. However, Boxpn’s privacy policy reveals some discrepancies. They do keep some user data, like email addresses and payment information, which is a standard practice for most services. But they also collect indirect data, such as the number of clicks and pages viewed, which contradicts their no-log claims.

Furthermore, Boxpn’s privacy policy is not very comprehensive, leaving questions unanswered. What exactly is “indirect data”? What is done with the collected data? How long is the data stored? The ambiguity might not sit well with privacy-oriented users.

Company Jurisdiction

Boxpn is based in Seychelles, a country with no mandatory data retention laws and out of the reach of the 14 Eyes surveillance alliance. This is generally considered beneficial for privacy. However, it’s important to note that in cases of criminal investigation, Seychelles can cooperate with foreign jurisdictions.

While the jurisdiction is generally a positive factor, the lax data protection principles of Boxpn could potentially mitigate the advantages of being based in Seychelles. Users should consider this when deciding whether Boxpn is the right VPN service for them.

Server Network

The number, location, and speed of servers significantly influence the performance of a VPN. Let’s see how Boxpn measures up.

Overview of the Server Network

Boxpn boasts an impressive network of over 200 servers spread across 48 countries. This ensures that users have a fair selection of server locations to choose from. However, compared to some competitors who have thousands of servers worldwide, Boxpn’s offerings seem a tad limited.

An interesting note is Boxpn’s lack of transparency when it comes to their servers. Other VPN providers often provide detailed information about each server, but with Boxpn, it’s quite vague. We don’t know the cities where the servers are located or whether they own their servers or rent them from third parties. This lack of openness could be a concern for potential users.

Global Coverage and Availability

Boxpn has a decent global coverage. The servers are strategically located in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa, and Australia, providing users with a good range of options for overcoming geo-blocks and accessing content from different regions.

However, with just over 200 servers, itโ€™s clear that Boxpn can’t match the coverage of some larger competitors. Users may find server availability and speed vary widely depending on their location. In highly populated areas or during peak times, the availability and performance of these servers could be compromised, potentially leading to slower connections.

Number of Servers

With 200 servers, Boxpn’s network is considerably smaller than the leading players in the industry. This isn’t necessarily a problem, as it’s not just the quantity, but the quality of servers that matters. However, a larger number of servers usually translates to less load per server, potentially leading to faster, more reliable connections.

Server Speed

Server speed plays a key role in the user experience, affecting everything from web browsing to streaming videos. In terms of speed, Boxpn delivers a mixed bag. While some servers offer decent speeds, others are considerably slower. This inconsistency could lead to an uneven user experience, especially for activities that require a stable and fast connection, such as online gaming or streaming high-definition video.

Server Speed Table in Different Countries

Here’s a comparison of the average speed of Boxpn servers in different countries:

CountryAverage Download Speed (Mbps)
United States50
United Kingdom45

As you can see, the speed varies depending on the country, which can lead to inconsistent performance for users.

Streaming and Torrenting

When it comes to streaming and torrenting, compatibility and speed are crucial. So, how does Boxpn perform?


Boxpn claims to offer unrestricted access to various streaming platforms, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video. While it does provide access to these services, the experience isn’t always smooth.

With Netflix, for example, we encountered buffering issues on certain servers, and some Netflix libraries were inaccessible. The BBC iPlayer worked well most of the time, but again, buffering issues occurred occasionally. The performance with Amazon Prime Video was better, with fewer buffering problems.

Supported Services

Below is a table of the streaming services supported by Boxpn:

Streaming ServiceCompatibility
BBC iPlayerYes
Amazon Prime VideoYes

This limited compatibility is a significant drawback for Boxpn, especially for users interested in accessing a wide range of streaming platforms.

Supported Services Table

BBC iPlayerHighMostly Reliable
Amazon Prime VideoHighReliable

Despite claiming to provide unrestricted access, the speed and reliability of streaming on Boxpn are variable. This could lead to a subpar viewing experience, especially for high-definition content.


When it comes to torrenting, Boxpn delivers a satisfactory experience. It supports P2P sharing on all its servers and provides decent download and upload speeds. However, the speeds can be inconsistent, and the limited server network might lead to congestion at peak times, affecting the torrenting speeds.

Supported Clients

Boxpn supports various torrenting clients, including popular ones like BitTorrent, uTorrent, and Vuze.

Torrenting ClientCompatibility

In conclusion, Boxpnโ€™s performance in terms of server network and streaming and torrenting capabilities is a mixed bag. The VPN service has a decent number of servers with reasonable global coverage but falls short in speed and consistency. Its streaming compatibility is somewhat limited, and the torrenting experience is passable but can be inconsistent. Up next, weโ€™ll examine Boxpn’s compatibility with various platforms and user-friendliness. Stay tuned.

Compatibility and User-Friendliness

The ease of use and adaptability across different platforms significantly contribute to a VPN’s overall user experience. In this section, let’s explore Boxpn’s performance in these areas.

Compatibility with Different Platforms

Boxpn maintains a reasonable degree of compatibility across various platforms, supporting Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. The support for these major platforms suggests that most users will be able to secure their devices with Boxpn.

However, it’s not all sunshine and roses. Boxpn does not offer native apps for other platforms like routers, smart TVs, or gaming consoles. To use Boxpn on these devices, you’ll have to manually set up the VPN, which can be a bit technical and time-consuming for average users.

Here’s a table showing the platforms that Boxpn supports:

RoutersManual setup required
Smart TVsManual setup required
Gaming ConsolesManual setup required

User-Friendliness Rating

Ease of use is a crucial factor for any software, and VPNs are no different. Boxpn’s applications for different platforms are relatively straightforward and user-friendly. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the software, connecting to a VPN server is as easy as choosing a location and clicking ‘Connect’.

However, the applications lack some advanced features and settings found in many other VPNs. While this simplicity might appeal to beginners, experienced users looking for more control over their VPN settings might find it limiting. For instance, there’s no option to switch between different VPN protocols or enable a kill switch, which are common features in most VPNs.

Boxpn’s website also leaves something to be desired. While it provides basic information, it lacks depth and detail in certain areas, particularly the FAQ section. Users seeking quick answers to common problems might find this frustrating.

Overall, we would rate Boxpn’s user-friendliness as a 7/10. It’s easy to use, but the lack of advanced settings and comprehensive support materials on the website is a drawback.

Pricing and Packages

The value proposition of any product or service largely hinges on its pricing. Does Boxpn offer a good balance between price and quality?

Overview of Prices and Packages

Boxpn offers three pricing tiers:

  • Monthly Plan: $9.99 per month
  • Quarterly Plan: $19.98 every three months ($6.66 per month)
  • Yearly Plan: $59.88 per year ($4.99 per month)
Boxpn review: Pricing

While these prices are relatively affordable compared to some other VPN services, they’re not the cheapest either, especially considering the lack of advanced features and occasional performance issues.

Here’s a comparison of Boxpn’s plans:

PlanCostCost per Month

Trial Version

Unfortunately, Boxpn does not offer a free trial for users to test the service before committing to a subscription. This is a significant downside, especially for users who want to evaluate the performance and features before paying for the service.

Money-Back Guarantee

On a positive note, Boxpn offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. This means that you can request a refund within a week of subscribing if you’re not satisfied with the service. However, compared to the standard 30-day money-back guarantee offered by many competitors, Boxpn’s 7-day period is quite short.

In conclusion, while Boxpn is a relatively affordable VPN option, it lacks a free trial and offers a shorter than average money-back guarantee. The lack of advanced features also makes the price point seem less competitive. Coming up next, we’ll examine Boxpn’s customer support and its pros and cons. Stay tuned.

Customer Support

When dealing with technology, it’s inevitable that at some point, you’ll need to reach out for help. Hence, the quality of customer support is a vital factor to consider when choosing a VPN. Let’s see how Boxpn fares in this regard.

Boxpn provides multiple channels for users to seek assistance:

  1. Live Chat: Available on the Boxpn website. However, it’s not 24/7. In our experience, response times can be unpredictable, ranging from immediate responses to waiting several hours.
  2. Email Support: They promise to respond to email inquiries within 24 hours. In practice, this varies. Sometimes, we received a response in a few hours; other times, it took almost a full day.
  3. Knowledge Base: This is available on their website, containing answers to common questions and guides for setting up the VPN. However, the material here is quite basic and may not cover all potential user queries.

Here’s a table summarizing the customer support options:

Support ChannelAvailabilityResponse Time
Live ChatLimited hoursVariable
Email Support24/7Within 24 hours
Knowledge Base24/7N/A

Overall, Boxpn’s customer support leaves room for improvement. The lack of 24/7 live chat is a significant disadvantage, and the response times for both live chat and email can be inconsistent. The knowledge base, while helpful for simple questions, lacks the depth to be truly comprehensive.

Pros and Cons

Every product has its strengths and weaknesses, and Boxpn is no different. Let’s dive into the advantages and disadvantages of using this VPN service.

Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages

On the plus side, Boxpn is relatively easy to use, provides a reasonable level of security and encryption, and supports a variety of platforms. It’s also compatible with several streaming services and torrent clients, making it a viable choice for entertainment purposes.

However, Boxpn is not without its drawbacks. Its server network is relatively small, with inconsistent speeds that can hamper the user experience, especially for streaming and gaming. The lack of advanced features and settings may frustrate users looking for more control over their VPN connection.

Furthermore, Boxpn’s customer support is a bit of a mixed bag, with inconsistent response times and limited live chat hours. The lack of a free trial and a shorter money-back guarantee compared to its competitors are other downsides.

Description of Pros and Cons for Users

To help you better understand, here’s a breakdown of Boxpn’s pros and cons in a more user-oriented context:


  • Ease of Use: Even for beginners, getting started with Boxpn is straightforward.
  • Security and Encryption: The service uses solid encryption technologies, providing a secure browsing experience.
  • Streaming and Torrenting: Boxpn supports various streaming services and torrenting clients.


  • Server Network: The number of servers is on the lower side, and speeds can be inconsistent.
  • Lack of Advanced Features: Users looking for more control over their VPN connection might find Boxpn lacking.
  • Customer Support: The inconsistent response times and lack of 24/7 live chat can lead to a frustrating user experience.

Summary in Bullet Point in Table Format

Here’s a quick glance at Boxpn’s pros and cons:

Easy to useLimited server network
Solid security and encryptionLack of advanced features
Support for streaming and torrentingInconsistent customer support

In the upcoming sections, we’ll compare Boxpn with some other popular VPNs in the market to see how it stacks up. Stay tuned.


In the competitive VPN market, it’s always worth weighing up the competition. Here, we’ll pit Boxpn against four popular VPNs to see how it compares.

Boxpn vs NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the biggest names in the VPN world, offering more than 5000 servers worldwide. This significantly outnumbers Boxpn’s offering, leading to better global coverage and potentially higher speeds. NordVPN also offers a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and CyberSec, an advanced ad-blocking feature. None of these are present in Boxpn.

Furthermore, NordVPN’s customer support is available 24/7 via live chat and email, an advantage over Boxpn’s limited live chat hours. The user experience of NordVPN’s apps is also generally smoother and more intuitive than Boxpn’s.

However, NordVPN’s monthly plan is pricier than Boxpn’s, although it offers similar discounts for longer-term subscriptions.

Boxpn vs Surfshark VPN

Surfshark is another strong contender in the VPN market, known for its unlimited device connections and robust security features. It supports over 3200 servers in 65 countries, providing better global coverage than Boxpn.

Notably, Surfshark also includes features like a kill switch, CleanWeb (an ad-blocker), and MultiHop (double VPN), which are missing in Boxpn. Surfshark also has a more user-friendly app with advanced features and offers 24/7 live chat support.

In terms of pricing, Surfshark’s long-term plans are cheaper than Boxpn’s, making it a more affordable option for users willing to commit.

Boxpn vs PureVPN

PureVPN boasts an extensive server network of over 6500 servers in more than 140 countries. This dwarfs Boxpn’s offering, which could lead to better speeds and global coverage.

PureVPN offers a comprehensive set of features, including split tunneling, a kill switch, and DNS leak protection, which Boxpn lacks. It also has 24/7 customer support, an advantage over Boxpn.

However, PureVPN’s interface is less user-friendly than Boxpn’s, and its speeds can be inconsistent, similar to Boxpn. In terms of pricing, PureVPN is comparable to Boxpn.

Boxpn vs ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a leading VPN provider known for its robust security, fast speeds, and user-friendly apps. It has over 3000 servers in 94 countries, providing better global coverage than Boxpn.

ExpressVPN offers advanced features like a kill switch, split tunneling, and DNS leak protection, which are absent in Boxpn. It also provides 24/7 live chat support, making it more reliable for customer assistance than Boxpn.

However, ExpressVPN is significantly more expensive than Boxpn, which might put off budget-conscious users.


Boxpn is a viable VPN option, particularly for users seeking a straightforward, user-friendly experience. It offers a decent level of security and compatibility across major platforms, and its support for streaming and torrenting is a plus.

However, the lack of advanced features, the relatively small server network with inconsistent speeds, and less-than-ideal customer support are notable drawbacks. Its pricing is also not the most competitive, especially considering these limitations.

For users looking for more comprehensive features, better customer support, and a larger server network, there are stronger contenders in the market, such as NordVPN or Surfshark.

In conclusion, while Boxpn may suffice for basic VPN needs, those looking for a more robust, feature-rich VPN experience might want to explore other options. As always, we recommend trying out different VPNs (those that offer free trials or robust refund policies) to find the one that best suits your needs. Stay safe and happy browsing!

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Does Boxpn offer a free trial?

Unfortunately, Boxpn does not currently offer a free trial for users to evaluate their service before committing to a subscription.

What platforms does Boxpn support?

Boxpn supports the major platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. However, for other devices like routers, smart TVs, and gaming consoles, manual setup is required.

Can I use Boxpn for streaming?

Yes, Boxpn can be used for streaming. It supports popular services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. However, server speeds can be inconsistent, which could affect your streaming experience.

Does Boxpn support torrenting?

Yes, Boxpn supports torrenting. However, the VPN’s performance can vary depending on the server and your location.

Is Boxpn good for gaming?

While Boxpn can be used for gaming, its inconsistent server speeds may lead to latency issues, potentially affecting the gaming experience.

Is Boxpn’s service worth its price?

Boxpn offers decent services for its price, such as compatibility with major platforms, support for streaming and torrenting, and reasonable security measures. However, given its limitations like the small server network, lack of advanced features, and inconsistent speeds, there are other VPNs in the market that offer more competitive packages.

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