Best Free VPNs


Best Free VPNs

You can surf the web anonymously and securely using a VPN. Most VPN providers charge a monthly fee to access their services. Some VPN providers offer free connections.

Is it worth to use free VPN?

Free solution always comes with drawbacks and hidden costs that are not always visible. Typical drawbacks are things like slow speed, limited data usage, low number of servers you can connect to or disability to stream services like Netflix. What is even worst free VPNs can be dangerous, as some of them contain harmful malware. Others have been caught selling private information to third parties.

Difference between free and paid VPNs

Premium paid VPNs use top level security, guarantees fast speed connection, let you connect to 100+ locations worldwide, gives you unlimited data usage, provide a customer support in case you need help or enable access to streaming platforms from all over the world.

What is the Best Free VPN?

After extensive testing we ranked list of top 3 trusted free VPN: AtlasVPNProtonVPNTunnelBear


AtlasVPN is a paid VPN app that also comes with solid free option. Free plan will get you unlimited bandwidth, speed and simultaneous connections. Number of server location is limited to 3 locations – one in Europe (Netherlands) and two in North America (Los Angeles, New York). Encryption level (256 cipher) is on high level so no one can view what you are doing online. Big advantage again other free VPNs is the fact that AtlasVPN is able to unblock content from Netflix, HBO Max and Disney+, Amazon Prime Video. Moreover it gives you ability to download torrents but you have to keep in mind that overall speed could be slower from time to time.

> Download AtlasVPN for free | See full Atlas VPN review


Free version of ProtonVPN allows unlimited bandwidth same as AtlasVPN. The app does not require payment and does not have ads. The free version has the same encryption level and privacy friendly logging policy that the paid version. ProtonVPN free limits you to only three server locations: Japan, the USA, and the Netherlands. Downsides of ProtonVPN free is that the app is not compatible with any streaming platform like Netflix, torrenting is not permitted and a VPN connection can only be used once per account.

> Download ProtonVPN for free


TunnelBear is a premium VPN that gives user a chance to try out free version to get in touch with the product. Free version limits its users to 500MB per month. That sounds not too much but for some use case it could be enough, especially when you would like to access content in certain regions. TunnelBear offers strong encryption by default. Number of countries you can connect from is 47. > Download TunnelBear for free


Each of the free VPNs we have listed above has both its strengths and weaknesses. AtlasVPN is recommended, especially if you want to unblock streaming platforms like Netflix. TunnelBear is a great option if you want to read regionally restricted articles.

We recommend you to check the best premium VPNs available if you care about your privacy and want to stream content and torrent without restrictions.

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