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WiTopia Personal VPN review

Short on time? These are key highlights of WiTopia Personal VPN 

⭐ Overall rank:9.1 out of 10
🏆 Rating:#10 out of #101
📖 No-log policy:doesn't log
🏷️ Price:from $3.06
📺 Streaming:No
🗺️ Locations:300+ servers in 44 countries
Summary of WiTopia Personal VPN review

WiTopia Personal VPN is a VPN service based in United States which is part of 5 9 14 eyes countries and is part of enemies of the internet. 

The cheapest plan of WiTopia Personal VPN starts at $3.06 and will get you access to 300+ servers in 44 countries and 8 simultaneous connections. 

The speed of WiTopia Personal VPN in our testing was fast. WiTopia Personal VPN ranks on 10. position in our rankings.

Security & privacy of WiTopia Personal VPN

WiTopia Personal VPN is ranked number 3 in our privacy rankings. It doesn't log IP address, doesn't log DNS, doesn't log traffic, and doesn't log bandwidth. WiTopia Personal VPN uses OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec and IKEv2 tunnelling protocols with 256-bit encryption, which is considered a standard in the security industry.

IP address logs No
DNS logsNo
Traffic logsNo
Bandwidth logsNo
Timestamps logsNo
Tunneling protocolsOpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec and IKEv2
IP leaksNo
DNS leaksNo

Features of WiTopia Personal VPN

WiTopia Personal VPN doesn't support streaming services such as Netflix and also allows P2P traffic. WiTopia Personal VPN has killswitch which automatically disconnects your device from the internet if your internet connection drops. You can use it on 8 devices at the same time.

Torrenting (P2P traffic)Yes

WiTopia Personal VPN speed & countries                        

During the test, WiTopia Personal VPN had a fast speed on my 100mbps connection. This is a very important factor as VPN shouldn't limit you during your time online and anything with below average speed should be a red flag if you plan to use a VPN for streaming or torrenting. 
It offers a variety of countries and based on the information from their website, WiTopia Personal VPN uses 27 in 44 locations across the world.

Download WiTopia Personal VPN 

I’ve downloaded WiTopia Personal VPN on their official website at It offers free trial, however you can always try it for free as there is a 30 Days money-back guarantee. 

The subscription plan of WiTopia Personal VPN starts at $3.06 which makes it number 20. in our VPN rankings based on price. 

During my testing I tried WiTopia Personal VPN on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS without any problems. 

WiTopia Personal VPN overall ranking                      

Based on my testing I’ve ranked WiTopia Personal VPN on 10. position. If I consider just price the rank would be 20. If you want to know which VPN is ranked number 1, check out our total rankings here.

WiTopia Personal VPN compared with other VPNs