SpyOff VPN review vs. BTGuard review

⏳ Short on time? Here’s the overall winner.

The better choice between SpyOff VPN and BTGuard is SpyOff VPN. Here are all the things which we’ve tested:

  • Privacy: SpyOff VPN has better privacy features than BTGuard
  • Features: SpyOff VPN has more features than BTGuard
  • Speed: SpyOff VPN is slower than BTGuard
  • Countries:  SpyOff VPN has more countries available than BTGuard
  • Security: SpyOff VPN has worse security than BTGuard
  • Price: SpyOff VPN is cheaper than BTGuard
  • Compatibility: SpyOff VPN supports more platforms than BTGuard
  • Support: Same support

1. Privacy

I’ll start with a comparison of the most important aspect of any VPN - privacy. During review I will consider whether VPN logs anything (IP address, traffic, DNS logs, bandwidth, or any type of timestamps) and the jurisdiction of VPN’s country of origin.

NameSpyOff VPNBTGuard
IP addressNoNo

SpyOff VPN is located in San Marino which is not part of 5 9 14 eyes countries and is not part of enemies of the internet countries while BTGuard is located in Canada which is part of 5 9 14 eyes countries and is not part of enemies of the internet countries.

It’s important to note that If you are like me and you will be using VPN only to unblock GEO-restricted content, privacy will not be that important factor but it’s still essential for any VPN.

2. Features

The next category I want to compare are features of SpyOff VPN and BTGuard such as kill-switch, unblocking of streaming, support of P2P traffic (torrenting). I am a heavy user of various streaming platforms so for me it’s important whether VPN unblocks major streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO or BBC. I don’t do much torrenting but it’s always good to use a VPN while doing so. If this is an important factor for you, definitely look for a VPN which supports P2P traffic.

NameSpyOff VPNBTGuard
Streaming (Netflix)LimitedNo
P2P traffic - torrentsYesYes

As you can see from the comparison table above, SpyOff VPN has kill-switch, supports streaming services, and supports torrenting. On the flipside BTGuard doesn't have kill-switch, doesn't support streaming services, and supports torrenting.

3. Speed

Being hidden behind VPN shouldn’t limit the speed of your connection. I’ve measured the speed of each VPN against a 100mbps connection - which should be sufficient for any activities including heavy streaming in 4K or downloading large files.

In my test SpyOff VPN was more on the average side while BTGuard had below average speed. If there were no limits in speed on a 100mbps connection, I consider VPN a “fast” one. If the speed is limited somehow but still achieving decent values, I categorize it as “average”. The “slow” is usually used for VPNs which limit your bandwidth significantly.

4. Security

I will start by comparing the type of encryption SpyOff VPN and BTGuard use, what tunnelling protocols are available, and finally we’ll test whether it leaks the IP address or DNS.

NameSpyOff VPNBTGuard
Tunneling protocolsOpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP and IPsecOpenVPN and PPTP
IP leaksNoNo
DNS leaksNoNo

The most important factor of a VPN service is a strong encryption of the traffic which is forwarded through the VPN servers. The most common encryption types in cryptography are SHA encryption or AES encryption which are not really comparable against each other. There might be different lengths of encryptions (eg. 128-bit, 256-bit, 2048-bit) and while usually the higher is the better, for most use cases you will be fine with any encryption. Watch-out if there is no encryption at all. SpyOff VPN uses 256-bit and OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP and IPsec protocol and BTGuard uses 256-bit and es 256-bit and OpenVPN and PPTP protocols. I’ve tested both VPNs also for IP and DNS leaks and SpyOff VPN had IP leaks and Yes DNS leaks while BTGuard had No IP leaks and No DNS leaks. 

5. Price

Probably one of the most important decision factor for the majority of users will be price. Shocking? Not really. We all love to compare things and I am not different. It’s always good to get the best value for your hard-earned money, isn’t it? So let’s see whether SpyOff VPN or BTGuard is cheaper.

NameSpyOff VPNBTGuard
Trial versionYesNo

6. Compatibility

SpyOff VPN supports unlimited connections at the same time while it works fine on all the platforms below. You can use BTGuard on No devices at the same time with support of all these platforms:

NameSpyOff VPNBTGuard

7. Support

Should you have any problems with SpyOff VPN or BTGuard you can reach out to their support via:

NameSpyOff VPNBTGuard


SpyOff VPN ranked in our list on 18. position while BTGuard. is on 95 position. If you are looking for a better choice, see our rankings here.