Best VPN for Netflix


Best VPN for Netflix

Using a VPN for Netflix is among the most common reasons people get one in the first place. Our recent survey revealed that almost two-fifths of subscribers use their VPN for streaming. Why?

Although the software is most commonly associated with being more secure online using it, downloading a Netflix VPN allows you to bypass geo-restrictions. The best Netflix VPN providers (as outlined below) allow you to access hundreds of movies and shows that are restricted by region.

They can be used on any platform, from mobile and laptop to streaming devices like smart TVs and consoles. It makes perfect sense that Netflix VPNs are an indispensable tool for binge-watchers all over the world.

Update: Netflix recently cracked down on VPNs, preventing many VPNs from connecting to its service. This article has been updated to reflect the most popular VPNs available for Netflix at the time of publication. Netflix has a vast library, but many of its content is restricted by copyright agreements. The country in which you live will limit the number of movies and TV shows that you can view. There is an alternative: getting a VPN service or using Proxy service.

We’ve put together a list of our top recommendations for VPNs that still work with Netflix. This article will cover all of our findings from extensive Netflix VPN testing, as well as how to use a VPN with Netflix.

These are the top 3 VPN services working with Netflix

1. NordVPN 

NordVPN is our top choice when it comes to VPN for Netflix as it unblocks the geo-restricted content with ease. Read more about NordVPN compatibility with Netflix on the official NordVPN website.

NordVPN is a great option for using Netflix. Its proprietary NordLynx protocol provides fast performance, which we tested and were really impressed. This should make it so that you don’t notice any difference when streaming HD or 4K content.

It  doesn’t mean just one server. It connected us from any location that we tried and we also had easy access to many other services, such as BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and YouTube.

NordVPN supports Netflix in many countries, including the United States. Nord’s customized support pages can help you watch your favorite shows or new films quickly and easily. The support team is available 24/7 to help you get started.

This service also offers DNS leak protection, super-strong encryption at 2048 bits, kill switch, and a wide range of servers. The company has a no-logs policy regarding the user’s online activity that has been audited by the renowned PricewaterhouseCoopers auditors. These all make NordVPN an excellent choice for any use, not just Netflix watching.

NordVPN offers a 30-day money back guarantee. The monthly billing is quite costly so the multi-year plan is the best option.

NordVPN regions for Netflix

NordVPN was tested in all Netflix regions around the globe and it worked in over 20 countries which include:

  1. Australia
  2. Brazil
  3. Canada
  4. France
  5. Germany
  6. India
  7. Japan
  8. Netherlands
  9. United Kingdom (UK)
  10. United States (US).

Follow these steps to use NordVPN with Netflix

  1. Sign up for NordVPN and select a subscription package.
  2. Download the customized application for your device. Or, you can install it directly at the router level.
  3. Choose which content library to unblock.
  4. Connect to a VPN server in that location. 
  5. Log in to your Netflix account
  6. Choose a video to stream.

2. PureVPN

PureVPN is another great VPN which is on top of our list of recommended VPN services for Netflix. It is ideal for accessing some of Netflix’s international libraries and the best thing is that it offers 31-day money back guarantee to test it out. You can try a 7-day trial for only $0.99 if you don’t like commitments and don’t want to bother with refunds. 

PureVPN has no bandwidth limits and is an exceptional service.. It is especially suitable for streaming the US Netflix catalogue. You can unblock Netflixin many countries including Australia, Japan, the UK and Australia.

PureVPN has 6,500 fast servers around the world, with some of them being located in China. It employs industry-standard VPN security measures such as OpenVPN protocol and encryption at 256 bits. 

The ability to unblock Netflix US or UK as well as robust security features that protect your browsing experience are all part of PureVPN. PureVPN offers a risk-free, 31-day money back guarantee.

Netflix has licensing agreements that restrict certain movies and TV programs in certain countries. Netflix US is the most comprehensive repository of TV shows and films. PureVPN is the best VPN to connect to Netflix US to keep up with all the latest content.

If you want to stream Netflix US content, you should use the following PureVPN Netflix server list:

  • Country list – US Salt Lake City for Windows
  • City list – Chicago for Windows
  • City list – Reston for Windows
  • Purpose list – Entertaining Channels for Windows
  • Steaming Mode – Netflix US for iOS

3. Express VPN

Netflix is known for its strong VPN blocking technology. Even the most powerful VPNs can be blocked by Netflix at some point. It can be annoying to have to search for another server to watch the same show.

VPNs that work with Netflix may only be able to access some regional libraries. ExpressVPN is a VPN that allows you to access Netflix from multiple locations.

Does ExpressVPN work with Netflix?

ExpressVPN works with Netflix, so that’s the short answer. We understand that the reasons for this are complex, so we have provided some basic information below to help you understand what is going on.

ExpressVPN Netflix not working in Turkey, Portugal or Mexico? Don’t panic! We can help you. It may also change your location to the United Arab Emirates by default, even though you are connected to another region. Don’t worry, as there is a solution for all of these problems.

There may be errors with some Australian servers that prevent you from unblocking Australia’s library, which currently contains all parts of Harry Potter movies from 1 through 7. However, we were unable to access Sydney-2. ExpressVPN is actively working to add servers and IP addresses to the network and remove the ones that Netflix blocks.

This provider will not let you down, even though you might need to make some adjustments.

How to Watch Netflix on Smart TV with a VPN

Smart TVs and media devices such as Roku and Apple TV can access all streaming platforms. Direct VPN support is not possible for all models and manufacturers.

If you want reliable access to HD streaming from around the world, you’ll need to set up a VPN directly on your router. The router acts as an access point to all your devices and has its own VPN. This allows you to use Netflix in any country that your provider offers.

How does Netflix know that you are using VPN? 

Netflix does not use many resources to track down people using VPNs for Netflix streaming, but it does keep track of VPN IPs. This means that even though you won’t be targeted if you use a VPN to access Netflix content, Netflix will block the VPN IP address.

Netflix uses IP addresses to determine if a VPN address is being used to access a movie or TV program outside of their geographic location. It then bans that IP address from using VPN. VPN access to Netflix is dependent on being one step ahead and not allowing the VPN ban to be lifted by renewing IP addresses and servers.

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