Windows defender security center - main windows

The new Windows Defender Security Center will arrive in Microsoft’s Creators update

Microsoft’s Creators update planned for April 2017 will bring completely redesigned Windows Defender. Functionality of current Windows Defender will remain without any changes however security related functions such as network settings, sharing, app & files or parental control will be grouped in a new Windows Defender Security Center.

The goal of this change as stated on Microsoft blog is to make it easier for users to control protection of their PC and see its status.

Five tabs in Windows Defender Security Center

Windows Defender Security Center will be divided into 5 tabs covering these categories:

Virus & threat protection

This tab will display all information about antivirus protection on your PC. What”s new is the that it will display protection status not only related to Windows Defender but also about other antivirus software from Microsoft’s partners. Users will also get an option to launch third-party antivirus directly from this tab.

Windows defender security center - virus and threat protection

Device performance & health

The second tab is dedicated to the information about Windows updates, drivers, battery life and storage capacity. Moreover users can clean their system by a “Refresh Windows” feature. All personal files and settings will be preserved but most of your apps will be removed so you can start fresh and improve performance of your device.

Windows defender security center - device performance and health

Firewall & network protection

The third tab allows you to access information regarding active firewall protection on your Windows PC.

Windows defender security center - firewall and network protection

App & browser control

The fourth tab involves all settings related to browser, and warnings you are receiving when you about to enter to malicious site or launching an unrecognized app or files from the internet.

Windows defender security center - app and browser control

Family options

The last but not least tab called Family options gives you information about parental control, activity reports or health reports of your Windows device.

Windows defender security center - Family options

According Microsoft, the number one goal is to help users to be better informed about device protection as well as its overall health. All the changes are aimed to make managing computer protection easier and more transparent even for less advanced users.
Source: Official Microsofts Blogpost